Dieudonnee Bouwman
Photostylist and costumiére.

When she was young it wasn’t a option to go for fashion. After many years living in different country’s arround the world, she decided to find out how big the ‘hidden love’ for fashion was for her.

After the study she did to become a stylist, she knew for sure this was the road she wanted to take.

Dieudonnee started for her own in 2010 and jumped into the deep to do what she loved that was working for magazines, television, commercials and movies.

She always had the strong feeling she wanted to change something in the world to make it a better place and wanted to reflect that in her work.

Even in the time we’re living in it’s evenmore important to think clear and change things that can be changed.

She decided to leave fast fashion and work more with clients that have the same vision to work more sustainable.